Horrors of Gondor


Glenn moved slowly into the room. Vaulted ceilings, pillars around the walls, some fallen and broken into pieces on the floor. In the center of it all the statue of the Sea God Markium stretched to the ceiling. On the Dais before the God lay Lady Gilwens dagger. Taken by the pirates during their sea battle. Glenn reached out and removed the dagger leaving in its place a Dwarven made cutlass blank.“I take this to return to it’s rightful owner Markium” he whispered. As he turned to leave a roaring grew from the wall behind the Sea god Seawater burst forth in a torrent nearly knocking Glenn to his knees. The only door from the room closed and from the deluge lunged Sea Elf servants of Markium mounted on strange Seahorses. It was over quickly hampered by the rushing water and unable to avoid his opponents attacks Glenn was quickly overwhelmed as a trident drove deeply into his side he slipped under the rising water as his life flashed before his eyes. He felt strangely at peace wondering at how little he had accomplished. His life now appeared to be random the only constant thread a search for magical knowledge that seemed so insignificant now. It was as the darkness closed in for the last time that he felt the power surround him. Heard the voice in his head. Your companion speaks well of you and asks for your life, would you serve me? Never before had Glenn felt such a power as Markium poured into him now. A sense of purpose filled him as if that for which he had searched all his life had been placed into his hands. The presence receded as he choked up that water that filled his lungs. Remaining just a small anchor in the corner of his consciousness.



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