Pirates of Pelagir

Northern girl

Last night the crew of the Lady Gilwen entered my humble tavern. They were intact but battered in spirit. Those damned sea wolves struck my good friends Halmir and Hallatan. If it wasn’t for the hardy guards they’d hired, all their cargo would have been lost. Being a family man, I cannot bare to think what would have become of Halmir’s new bride, Red Dorien.

We drank to the success of the Gilwen but lamented any honest merchants who will be intercepted by such bandits. Halmir put a hundred gold in the pot for conclusive information about the identity and whereabouts of the sea wolves. I added a hundred gold of my own, and our blessed mayor added four hundred fifty gold to the overflowing reward.

Several lads, including an odd-looking fellow who was a guard on the ill-fated Journey of the Lady Gilwen, accepted the challenge. No sooner than the first round of drinks were purchased in their honor, a Ranger from the North stumbled in, weighted down by four arrows to the back. The lads brought him back to this side of the hereafter and discovered he had been ambushed while exploring the lands near the Moonstone Fortress.

The hearty lads didn’t finish their second drink before heading out to cross the desert and uncover the mysteries surrounding these pirate attacks. Hopefully, they will return more or less intact.

For now, the mugs need a good scrubbing. Where did my son get to?

—Sakur, proprietor of the Northern Girl in Northern Harad

Horrors of Gondor